The analysis begins with muscles testing utilizing the body’s neurological reflexes and acupuncture points. Each of the tested points relates to a specific organ or function within the body (as derived in ancient Chinese medicine). Because the anatomical structure of the human body has not changed significantly in thousands of years, we are able to continue to accurately rely on the behavior of our reflexes and nervous system, therefore making imbalances and weaknesses easily identifiable through this method of testing. During the testing the practitioner is also looking for specific stressors such as food sensitivities, immune challenges, scars, metal, and chemicals. If present in your body, these stressors may be preventing your body from healing.

Based on the results of the initial testing, your NRT practitioner will make recommendations of whole foods supplements, herbs, and dietary/lifestyle adaptations. Should you so choose to proceed with a nutrition program, your NRT practitioner will continue to monitor your body at each visit.